W9KE Satellite Tracker - Virtual G-5500

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Developing software or testing-troubleshooting hardware for the G-5500 is made easier if you have a small virtual G-5500 on the bench next to you while you work. The essence of the G-5500 is a pot that changes position as the rotor turns. From the control point of view both rotors in the G-5500 are the same.

The most basic Virtual G-5500 is shown below. The blue circuit board contains all the microcontroller circuitry and the A/D converter for the controller. The simple virtual G-5500 is on the small yellow Rat Shack perfboard that contains two pots. These pots provide adjustable 0-5 V DC signals that are sent to the azimuth and elevation inputs on the A/D converter. Some built in test routines are available in the software. The A/D test portion is running at present. The top line on the LCD display shows the A/D channel number, raw A/D output and the corresponding azimuth. The bottom line shows the same information for the elevation channel. This is a handy aid when getting a system up and running or for troubleshooting.

Add four leds with current limiting resistors connected to the four output lines on the microcontroller board that connect to the G-5500 rotor control box (UP, Down, Left and Right) and you have a complete virtual G-5500. This is very simple but a very handy device.

Some people convert TV rotors for use in az-el applications. If you have a rotor system that provides a 0-5.0 volt DC analog output voltage that is proportional to position you should be able to use this system.

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