Satellite Stuff

TLE Tools
A Windows program for managing satellite TLE data sets

SDR <==> SatPC32
Notes on connecting SDRs to SatPC32

Doppler.sqf Editor for SatPC32
A Windows program for editing the doppler.sqf file in SatPC32

Oscar Locator
A Windows satellite tracking program using an Oscar Locator polar projection map.

Satellite Explorer for Windows 8
A Windows 8 program for satellite tracking..
Also runs on Windows RT. Available for free in the Windows Store.

Satellilte Explorer Pro for iOS
A satellite tracking program for iOS that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Available for free in the Apple store.

Homebrew Satellite Rotors
Information on homebrew satellite rotors.

Cheap Rotor Controller
Low cost rotor controller using TI MPS430 chip.

Arduino Rotor Controller
Another rotor controller using Arduino boards.

SimpleSat Tracker
What was I thinking.

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